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Why to Buy cisco catalyst 2960 series switches from Shilpa Systems?


Switching devices

Switching devices are a fundamental and integral part of the world of electrics and electronics. Switching devices can be fairly simple to fairly complex, for example there is the common circuit breaker switch and then there and electronic communications switching devices with multiple ports like LAN switches.  Whatever the case, switches are one of the most important parts of electric and electronic circuits and without them the world we see today would not have been possible because most of the fundamental parts of our world now run on or are based on electronics. In fact, without switching devices we would not even have simple electricity.


Cisco Systems

Cisco Systems, Incorporated is an American company which is the global leader in networking. Cisco Systems is the world’s largest networking equipment manufacturer and its devices are famous all over the world for their superior quality; and long shelf and working life.  Cisco Systems is considered a mark of excellence among people of the networking community. This is the best credential a company could ever have: complete and utter customer satisfaction. Thus, Cisco Systems equipment is the best in the world, and networking experts from all over the world prefer it.


The Cisco Systems Catalyst 2960 series

The Cisco Systems Catalyst 2960 series is a series of network connectivity switches which have been the instruments to unleash the world’s first Power over Ethernet capability which drastically simplifies the procedure and provides impenetrable security.  You can buy these switches at Shilpa Systems as their cisco catalyst 2960 priceis less than the original market cisco switch 2960 price. There are many advantages of using the Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches, which are listed below:

  • Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches configure themselves automatically, leaving no room for manual interference.
  • They have a switch hibernation mode during which they consume less power while remaining on stand by for quick action upon request.
  • They are available in both 24 gigabits and 48 gigabits port format for easy application.
  • The state of the art Power over Ethernet (PoE) provides about 15W on all the ports for maximum convenience.
  • Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches also support Power over Ethernet pass through.
  • These switches can be easily interfaced with a USB for easy management and file transfer.
  • Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches eliminate a lot of cables and wires and thus are a source of saving money while also avoiding the mess of interconnected cables.
  • The switches are completely secure with fully functional exterior switch lock and cable guard.
  • They also support Ethernet uplinks up to 1 gigabits.


Buy Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches at Shilpa Systems

Thus Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches are state of the art and an answer to all of your networking needs. Although cisco catalyst 2960 series switches price is too much for an ordinary networking fan, but that does not mean that you have to bid farewell to all your dreams regarding networking. In fact, Shilpa Systems offers the Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches at very reasonable prices. You can buy cisco 2960 switch at Shilpa Systems at reasonable prices and thus you have no need to worry about the high cisco 2960 price.Even though our prices are less, we offer fully genuine and guaranteed official Cisco Systems equipment which is fully certified. Shilpa Systems is the official retailer for Cisco Systems and thye brand ambassador for Cisco Systems Catalyst 2960 series switches, which is why you get Cisco Systems equipment from Shilpa Systems at discounted rates. The cisco catalyst 2960-x price is 1500 dollars, while cisco catalyst 2960-s price is 2000 dollars. In general, cisco 2960 48 port switch price is more than cisco 2960 24 port switch price, but at Shilpa Systems, all of our prices are less than the market catalyst 2960 price. For example, our cisco catalyst 2960-x series switches price is far less than the retail cisco 2960x price. Hence it will be very beneficial for you to buy authentic Cisco Systems products, especially Cisco Systems Catalyst 2690 series switches from Shilpa Systems, as Shilpa Systems offers these at discounted rates.